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Become a Successful International House Sitter

15 Lessons

Our online video course provides all the info you need to become a credible and successful house sitter, even as a beginner. We've completed 50+ house sits over 5 years as full-time international house sitters, all the while perfecting due diligence and best practices, that result in back-to-back sits around the world. Now you can learn from us what works for success, so that you can get house sits over and over with first class reviews. As a bonus you'll save on accommodation costs while experiencing an immersive and rewarding travel lifestyle, with pets to cuddle up to. Course Includes downloadable checklists and templates. Click to see more detail about what is included.
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Get The Best House Sits With Your Own Personal House Sitter Website

12 Lessons

Are you worried you are missing out on some of the best house sits? Do you apply for amazing sits, only to lose the assignment to someone else? Would you like to significantly increase your chances of securing these sits? Do you want to stand head and shoulders above most of your competitors when you apply for an assignment? Then you MUST have your own personal house sitter website.
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