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Lesson 3: An introduction to domain names

Lesson 3 Chapter 2 Module 1

Here is a link to a list of unintentionally inappropriate website names. Make sure you don't pick something that may feature on a future version of this list:

WARNING: Some minor technical challenges ahead!!


What follows over the next couple of chapters is slightly technical. I've tried to make it as easy as possible to follow in the videos - they offer a complete step-by-step walk-through. Take it slowly and you should be able to do everything yourself.

However, if you would like this next part done for you, we can help. This stuff only has to be done once, and you won't need to have anything further to do with the registering and hosting websites for a further three years.

You'll be able to skip forward to Chapter 5: Lesson 11, and dive right in to begin actually building your website.

The one-off cost for this is just $47... why not save yourself any stress?

If you want to take up this offer, just send me (Ian) a message:
and I'll reply with full details.

Otherwise, you're ready to jump in and get started. Good luck.