Become a Successful International House Sitter

Become a Successful International House Sitter

Become a Successful International House Sitter

Would you like to travel the world and significantly reduce your accommodation costs?

Since we started out as house sitters 5 years ago, we've secured back-to-back house sits in countries all over the world. We've lived in Australia, the US, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, the UK, Fiji, Barbados and Botswana.

With the money we've saved on accommodation we've also enjoyed some pretty cool travel adventures too.

House sitting gives you the freedom and choice to live and work remotely anywhere in the world. You provide a valuable service to home and pet owners as part of a trust based exchange for free accommodation. You won't find a better option to extend your travel adventures - to create your perfect travel lifestyle, in a wide range of fabulous destinations all over the world.

Learn how you can create your perfect travel lifestyle, part-time or full-time!

We've created this online course to give you all the information you need to make house sitting your reality – even with no previous experience! We've spent 5 years perfecting due diligence and best practices.  With over 50 x 5 star reviews you can learn from us what works for success, so that you secure house sits over and over in some of the best house sitting locations around the world.

You'll get to experience slow travel and make your travel budget go much further.

But… it's not quite as simple as an introduction to the pets and a handover of keys - there are responsibilities that need to be understood.

The primary reason people use house sitters is to look after pets and maintain their existing routines. This is a big consideration when deciding to make house and pet sitting part of your lifestyle choice.

With so much to consider we've broken this course into easy to follow steps. Everything is covered in short videos with activities to keep you on track. You'll learn all the secrets for getting the sits you really want. What's more you'll discover how to manage a perfect house and pet sit from beginning to end, deal with any problems, and even how to improve your ongoing skills to open up more opportunities.


Step-by-step we'll turn you into a successful international house sitter!

  • Work out how house sitting can work best for you
  • Take practical steps to sign up with the best house sitting websites that will best match your requirements
  • Discover how to get all the references you'll need to get started
  • Prepare a profile that sets you worlds apart from other applicants
  • Create a professional and relevant set of interview questions
  • Manage handovers professionally at the start and end of sits
  • Learn how to promote yourself for ongoing back-to-back sits
  • Have access to a complete set of templates and checklists

We'll show you how to secure the assignments you want over and over again as a credible and respected house sitting professional!

Some of our recent reviews:

Amazing course! Clear, concise and full of great information to get you started on your house sitting journey.

- Rafael Ziah Franco

Excellent info! Great structure.

- Steve Harris

I found the short videos easy to comprehend, and the course is set up sequentially so that the student moves through easily and logically. Many of the issues covered were issues I hadn't thought of yet (as we haven't started yet), so very pleased to have acknowledgement of those at the start. Thank you also for the printable examples of letters, agreements and checklists. Invaluable!

- Jennifer Frendo

This excellent, comprehensive course is an absolute must for any potential house sitter. It covers every possible detail in an easy-to-understand format and gives house sitters the chance to learn from the hard-earned experience of the tutors. To significantly increase your chances of successfully applying for desirable house sits around the world for less than the cost of a meal out for one makes this the bargain of the year! I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

- Brian Moore

This course has everything you need to know to be fully prepared to be a successful house sitter. Information, tips, potential pitfalls and resources. I can't wait to get started!

- Brenda Middle


  1. Module 1: Benefits of the House Sitting Lifestyle (5 videos)

  2. Module 2: Is House Sitting Right For Me? (6 videos)

  3. Module 3: Getting Started (3 videos)

  4. Module 4: House Sitting Websites (3 videos)

  5. Module 5: Build Trust With References (3 videos)

  6. Module 6: Your Perfect Profile (7 videos)

  7. Module 7: Applying for an Assignment (6 videos)

  8. Module 8: Interview Preparation (3 videos)

  9. Module 9: I've been accepted! What next? (3 videos)

  10. Module 10: Managing The House Sit (6 videos)

  11. Module 11: Develop Your House Sitting Skills (11 videos)

  12. Module 12: Other Ways to Find House Sitting Assignments (4 videos)

  13. Module 13: Dealing With Difficulties (3 videos)

  14. Module 14: Freedom Lifestyle and Roaming Income (3 videos)

  15. Module 15: Happy travels! (1 video)

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