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Here’s what people who were there had to say about the conference

These videos are just a few of the many comments we got from attendees at the conference...

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This event was a huge success, exceeding all expectations.

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I was a professional conference producer once upon a time and can say this was an extremely well produced conference - interesting and informative topics, competent speakers, entertaining interludes, fantastic prizes, excellent venue and food and good time-keeping. Your hard work was worth it - and appreciated by all. ​

​Toni Lehman


​You pulled it off in a spectacular way. ​You ​did an incredible job. The mix of how to and motivational content was great. The presenters were all great. ​I really did not know what my expectations of this conference were, but I do know that whatever they were, they were far exceeded. Kudos and thanks again.

Daryl Trefz


A truly awesome weekend filled with so much information, fun and love. I made so many new friends and received some terrific opportunities. Looking forward to being part of the next one!

​Michelle McDines


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Here are a few more comments from conference attendees

They learned a lot from being there, and you can too by watching all the speaker videos...

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