House Sitting Tech

Module 1: Register and prepare your website

Module 1

A quick overview of websites in general, and what's involved in setting one up. Then we'll get your website name registered, and set everything up so you are ready to start building your website.

Module Structure

Chapter 1: Website basics 2 Lessons

Lesson 1: What's involved in setting up a website?

Let's take a look at the basics of websites, and see what's involved in setting up your own site.

Lesson 2: The benefits of having your own house sitter website

If you didn't watch this introductory video before enrolling in the course, then take a quick look at the compelling reasons for setting up you own personal house sitter website. If you have already watched this intro video, you canĀ skip straight to Chapter 2: Lesson 3

Chapter 2: Register your domain name 3 Lessons

Lesson 3: An introduction to domain names

In this video we take a closer look at domain names, and some mistakes you could make.

Lesson 4: Search for domain names, and check availability

Let's see if your perfect domain name is still available.

Lesson 5: Register your perfect domain name

OK. You've found your perfect website name, and it's still available. Let's register it before someone else does!

Chapter 3: Website hosting 2 Lessons

Lesson 6: Find a great hosting provider

Not all hosting providers are made equal. We recently moved our website hosting to a new company and are very satisfied with prices, services and support. Follow the link below the video for the best current offers on hosting.

Lesson 7: Don’t lose your passwords

By now you'll have accounts at two new websites. There will be more to follow. Make sure you keep your passwords stored safely, so you don't lose them.

Chapter 4: Setting up your domain, and adding extra security 3 Lessons

Lesson 8: Change your nameservers to point to your hosting location

This probably sounds much more complicated than it really is. All we are doing is changing the signposts that tell the world where they can find our website.

Lesson 9: Extra security for your website

This extra level of security is one of the reasons we chose this particular hosting company. Let's enable this secure encryption so our website is working with the most modern standards of security.

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Lesson 10: Install WordPress

Let's start with a quick introduction to WordPress, and then we'll install the WordPress framework, where we're going to build our website.